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Optical UV+420 solar window film




Our film block majority of heat and UV from sunlight. It offers a great cooling room condition which in return brings a higher level of interior comfort of the building. Protects Interior furnishing UV damaging and save electricity consumption.

long lifespan

Made up from materials with highest quality, UV+420 windows film offers a long product life span that meets customer's requirements for optimal solar control solution. Making sure customers' investment is well worth it.

Optical UV+420 solar window film



High clarify view with high heat and UV rejection. Able to enjoy natural view and sunlight from your comfort zone.

empowering green house effect

Recent research has proved that UV420+ windows films help save energy cost by 30% as it effectively reduce the consumption of air-conditioning by eliminating external heat and containing the coolness within the building.

UV+420 optical solar film.


Long explore to UV ray and HEV Blue light will damage our eyes and skin.

Protects your eyes, reduce eyes fatigue. Protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Prevent skin cancer, wrinkles and dark spot. Enjoy a safe journey with IrisPro.

prevent smash and grab thief

With extra thickness achieved by mechanically laminating layers of film together with aggressive adhesive coatings. The films are attached to the glass with extremely aggressive pressure. It can withstand and absorb extra pressure hence preventing thefts from breaking into your vehicle with ease.


blue light cut



IrisPro Blue Light Cut screen protector block 99% of harmful blue light from emit out from electronic led display.

Glaring Blue Light from electronic devices may cause eyestrain, headaches, physical and mental fatigue. Blue Light Cut film protect your eye against smartphone, tablet, laptop and lcd monitor.

IrisPro Blue light cut screen protector with incredible patented optical nano technology which able to block up to 99% harmful blue light.

Children below 2 years old are not suppose to looks at any LED display.

Blue Light is a colour in the visible light spectrum that can be seen by the human eye. Blue-light hazard is defined as the potential for a photochemical induced retinal injury resulting from electromagnetic radiation exposure at wavelengths primarily between 400-500nm.


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